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Hi everyone! My name is Victoria, but sometimes I go by Tori. I am pursuing a Bachelors degree in Marketing with a minor in Communications and Media Studies at Fisher College. I have interests in social media, public relations/communications, and advertising. Why did I make this blog? Well, I’ve recently came to a conclusion that I want to write more, and post more on social media. I’m always at concerts, sporting events, traveling and trying different restaurants with friends so, why not share my experience! My blog will consist of concerts I’ve gone to, restaurants I go to, and even my own personal reviews on concepts.

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From Annapolis, Maryland, comes two music artists by the name of Gianni DiBernardo and Kyle Devore. Gianni had studied at University of Maryland, majoring in Communications, where Kyle studied at Rowan University majoring in Art. When asking what made them pursue music, Gianni had answered with, “seeing the Bye Bye Bye music video when I was 6 and automatically realizing that’s what I wanted to do.” For Kyle it was, “being forced to make a song for a Spanish class in high school and falling in love with it.” When asked who was their inspiration for the career they have now, they said, “Our families inspired us to do what we love while we’re young because we didn’t wanna look back when we’re 40 and think what if.”

Together Gianni&Kyle have been making music roughly for 6 years. The duo are independent and are not signed with a record label but, “if the right deal were to come along we wouldn’t be opposed,” they said. Every music artists career has impacted their life one way or another, and for Gianni&Kyle they spoke on how,“It made us really mature as business owners, because at the end of the day “Gianni & Kyle” is a business, and there’s a lot of important choices to make in that position.” With that being said, I asked if there’s any changes they would make to their job and they replied, “not at all, we do what we love for a living and we’re grateful for that alone.”

Making music always comes with hard times, and easy times. For Gianni&Kyle their advice for someone pursuing the music career would be, “keep moving forward. Keep trying. Don’t care about what anyone thinks because if we did we would’ve given up a long time ago. Focus on you.” Another piece of advice they have is for writing music and to, “work with whatever comes naturally, don’t force it.” Asking how their music has changed from oldest to latest, they had said, “the music had leveled up like crazy, it’s just a more evolved sound. So much better than the old stuff.” I always ask what their favorite song of theirs is and for Gianni&Kyle they answered, “the new music lol but also do u even miss me at all? That song is so personal and also helped us move forward in our career from its success.” For any fans reading this, be prepared for their new music and to check out Do You Even Miss Me At All.

With their music, they haven’t really collaborated with anyone just yet, but they mentioned “we have a song with Hoodie Allen coming out soon on his album.” Any Hoodie Allen fans reading this, like myself, better be ready for that collaboration. I then asked who they see themselves working with or want to work with in the future, and they replied with T-Pain. I always like to ask these music artists where they see themselves or career in five years, for Gianni&Kyle, they said, “hopefully getting more success and being happy with what we’ve accomplished.” Anyone who wants to check out their music/social media platforms, links will be posted below!

Wrapping up this interview, I like to ask what the craziest fan experience is, “every interaction we have with fans are great, we saw fans get g&k related tattoos. Those are so crazy to see,” they said. For the fans with these tattoos, you’re a real one! Ending the interview with if they didn’t have the job they have now, what would they be doing kind of question, they answered with, “there was never a plan B for us honestly, we were always in the mindset this was going to work. Everyone should have that mindset.” Any future artists out there reading this, listen to Gianni&Kyle’s advice, they know what they’re talking about! If you haven’t heard of Gianni&Kyle yet, you have now, and have no other excuse but to go check out their music!

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Make It Happen

From Cape Cod, Massachusetts comes one artist, entrepreneur, and good person by the name of Matthew Corman. Matt Corman graduated from Southern New Hampshire University, with a degree in Business Administration. Matt Corman is mostly known for being an artist. He started to make music around the age of 19, while he was a freshman in college. He started to just freestyle in the locker rooms, and would record some songs for Soundcloud. I always ask these artists what made them pursue music, and for Matt he said his brother. “My brother was a rapper. I was super influenced by him making music in our house growing up. I really looked up to him so I just wanted to do whatever he did.” With that response Matt mentions, “myself, family and my friends,” have inspired him to choose this music career he has now. For any of those asking if Matt Corman is signed, “I created my own record label at the end of 2018 MIH Universal. In terms of majors, it all depends.”

Getting more into Matt Cormans music career, and how it’s impacted his life today, he brings up, “It has educated me to become a better version of myself.” Matt also mentions, “I have been blessed with the opportunity to positively affect the lives of my listeners. I do believe everyone has the opportunity to affect the lives of people around them. My platform has given me access to more hearts than the “typical” 24 year old. I have also been granted the blessing of learning what our youth looks for in life. My fanbase is very diverse…. it’s always interesting diving through the demographic of my audience and gaining a better understanding of where the future is heading. Very…. very thankful..”

I always ask what the artist advice would be for someone trying to pursue the same career as them, this is what Matt’s advice would be. “Absolutely, try to not compare yourself. We’re in an age of social media where you really do not know what goes on behind the image portrayed. There is a saying that goes “Don’t compare your level 2 to someone else’s level 25”. It doesn’t matter if I get X amount of views and you get X amount. I have been making music forever and you may have just started. OR… The other way around… it DOESN’T MATTER… everyone goes at their own pace.. this is art.. music lasts forever.. when I die my songs will still be available FOREVER… start focusing on the product in your store not the amount of people walking in the door. You will know when you are there.” Another piece of advice is for writing music and the tips some artists will have, Matt’s advice is “WRITE FROM YOUR HEART<33333…. ha. Just playing, idk it’s whatever you feel in that moment, it’s art that’s all you.”

A popular question for artists is who they see themselves working with in this industry, and for Matt Corman he brings up “Drake, Drake, Drake and Drake. Nah some of these I have work with but since this is future… I’m just gonna type a ton.. G- Eazy, Wiz, Juice Wrld, John Mayer, Justin Bieber, Chelsea Cutler, Rihanna, Logic, Anthony Russo, Arizona Zervas, 27Club, Mike Stud, Sammy Adams, hmmm fuck idkk…. Cousin Stizz fuck you mean!?!? Jefe Replay, Adrian Stresow, Kevin Flum, ummmm Sammy Pharaoh, me & Rapta need a few more John Wolf, fuck idk.” With that list, he’s worked with some artists like, “Oncue, C-Trox, Cam Meekins, Michael Christmas, Justin Stone, Rapta, J-Clark…I probably forgot some..” Having asked this question, Matt brings up “I have so much unreleased I can’t really talk about right now. Let’s go with that for now.” Any fan reading this, be prepared for Matt Cormans new music!

Reading more into Matt Cormans music and how it’s changed from beginning to now, “truthfully for a minute I was making relatable sad relationship stuff cause that’s what got me on the blogs,” Matt says. “But then I realized I’m happy as fuck the majority of the time, making stuff that is truthful is more important than fake stuff. TBH I have a great life, I can afford things, I have dope friends, I have a dope relationship.. Why should I make stuff that doesn’t relate to my life just to get on popping channels? Whatever pops off is going to be what you sing forever soooo why would I sing something that’s not me…. so I’ve been making stuff that is more me. Idk I experiment with different stuff…” A lot of artist will go through changes in life, which affects their writing for the good or bad. It gives them a good way to re-create their name. Asking what Matt Cormans favorite song of his, he says, “Thank You Forever – Its dedicated to my parents. Go listen and you’ll get it.” If Matt Corman had to make any changes to this career, he would say “I most certainly would change the people in the music industry. Excuse me, that was a terrible statement. I would change the way the module operates to mimic other successful industries not involved within entertainment. I wish we had more high level conversations regarding developing the culture on a responsible level, rather than what is popular and trending right now.”

Another popular question I like to ask artists is what their craziest fan experience would be, for Matt, “first time I saw my lyrics tattooed on someone. That blew my mind.” To the fan with tattoo in his lyrics, you’re a real one! Wrapping up this interview, I asked Matt where he sees himself/career in five years. “Making shit happen, making people around me have a great day. Hopefully sipping Pina Coladas in Punta Cana,” he replied. Matt says if he wasn’t making music, in the career he has now he would probably end up as a Fisherman. Ending this interview, Matt Corman is definitely one of those special artists who will blow up in the near future, for the way he treats his fans and makes music his dedication. To the fans of Matt Corman reading this, and those to come in the future, let’s Make It Happen for him.

Anyone who wants to look into Matt Corman and browse his music, or social media platforms, links are posted below!








Boston’s Boy

Everyone has that one artist they’re head over heels for. Myself on the other hand, has a couple artists who I would always drop anything to see. One artist in particular that has impacted my life a lot is musician Samuel Adams Wisner. Sammy is born and raised from Boston, Massachusetts. He attended at Hobart College originally, and then transferred to Trinity College to study Political Science. Everyone always asks why you choose the particular major, and for Sammy well, “because poli sci to get by baby !”

“Musician, writer, composer, producer, lyricist,” is how Sammy describes himself. He isn’t just your ordinary musician, he also likes to create, write, and produce his own music. Music spoke to Sammy early in life, “I was always drawn to music at a young age cause my parents were always playing vinyl records…it was kind of fascinating to me as a kid and as I grew up I just kept pursuing it.” “Honestly a piano piano teacher Tyson Rodgers inspired me to pursue music,” when asked who was his inspiration for getting into music. “- had me throw my music theory books out and play with my heart and soul. He taught me how to improvise and it changed my life.”

A lot of artists will say they wish things could be different with their music, sound, or the way being an artist is portrayed. Sammy has a different perspective on this question with stating, “There’s a million changes I’d make to my job but I’ll just name a few. Pay us more for streaming… no one (especially the public) realize how much goes into a song let alone a full album or project…its time consuming.” Understanding how social media is another big impact for an artists career, Sammy brings up, “I wish social media didn’t effect music as much…it dumbs down people’s tastes and allows clowns to become famous and release poor music, while the real ones slip through the cracks.”

Music has a big impact not only fans but the artists themselves. “It’s impacted my life cause it is my life. It’s how I make a living, pay rent, support my fam, my girl, my homies!” Sammy says how music has impacted him throughout the years. Artists usually express their feelings through songs and like to give advice, so when asking Sammy if he had any advice to give this is what he says. “Trust your gut. Intuition isn’t just a thought or an idea – that’s a higher power talking to you. Make music you want to perform for the next 5-10 years and music that you love….no one loves playing their homies a single that they know are cringe worthy.” Writing music is another personal way artists get their thoughts, feelings, or expressions out in music. “When writing music everyone does it differently some people write and then hear a beat they love that fits… and sometimes you hear that perfect beat and think “this is it.” Some producers start with drums and then write the melody and Vice versa so it all depends. As far as tips, write what you feel not what’s current or what’s popular everything fades… something you don’t want to do… ever.”

Making music since the age of 7, Sammy’s been in this business for quite some time. “I landed this career w one of my best friends / managers (at the time) Alex Stern. We hit every college in the Northeast. Bought a 500 dollar system and mixer from money saved up at college and started playing basements, frats, anywhere that would pay us travel $ to perform. Then it just took off.” Record Labels are usually a major way for artists to get their talent out, and a way for better marketing. When it comes to asking Sammy about being signed he mentions, “Nah I’m indie.” For those who don’t know Sammy isn’t signed, and isn’t against being signed. “Potentially if the right deal and partner comes along in the future. For now I got a vault of songs and I want to put on em all.” Fans of Sammy Adams, like myself, better be ready for this vault of songs about to be released. We all know how crazy fans can get, and the things they do at concerts, or even for the artists. Sammy says his most craziest fan experiences is a tough one to narrow down. “A lot of them are NSFW(not safe for work), but I had a kid caravan with four of his friends from Michigan to San Diego to hit every show that was pretty wild to see that happen! I was like “YOOOO this dude really roadied it!””

“Enrique Iglesias, Pharrell Williams, Baby E, Vinylz, Method man, Styles P, Mike Posner, Travis Mills, Fat Boy SSE,” are some of the most recent artists Sammy Adams has worked with. Sammy mentions how he would like to work with “Flume, Daytrip, Flight School, Young thug, J.I.D, J. Cole, Mabel, Octavian, and Rosalia,” all in the future sometime. In the near future, five years from now Sammy talks about where he sees himself in his career. “I see myself still working in music, producing, writing, rapping, singing, etc…maybe a little less road life but we’ll see ! I’ll always be in music – can’t get rid of me !”

If anyone reading this is a day one Sammy Adams fan, you know how far he’s come with music. From mixtapes like Party Records, WIZZY, to studio albums Bostons Boy, and The Long Way. “My latest music is just an upgraded version of me.” Sammy states on his music through the years. “I’ve taken vocal lessons, piano lessons, and been in endless sessions where I’ve learned so much. Better producers because I produced most of my shit before and now I have people that are literal professionals. So it is much more polished clean…less auto tune and more substance. BUT FIRE!!!!!!!” A day one like myself, can’t express how excited I am for all this new music to drop.

Wrapping up the interview with Sammy, asking him the most infamous question of “If you didn’t have the job you have now, what do you think you would be doing?” He responds with, “I get asked this all the time and I have no idea probably try to be in design or something w graphic design…I’m an art guy not an office guy. Never have been never will be.” Which is a typical answer for every artist, no one wants that 9-5 job when you’re creative and can write music. Samuel Adams Wisner is one special artist that I believe everyone should check out if you haven’t already. Whether you know his famous singles, I Hate College or All Night Longer, he’s one creative and talented human being.



4 The Homies

For the second time, I saw Mike Stud on Friday, February 8th, with my friend at Paradise Rock Club. The show started around eight with the first opening act. We weren’t really paying attention because so much was happening around us. There were people getting kicked out left and right, and guys just being drunkenly annoying. The Honors were the next act on, and they are a band from Canada. I thought they were pretty good and good looking. The crowd on the other hand started chanting “we want Mike.” I think they were just all too drunk and wanted to get on with seeing their idol I get. I don’t blame them, but Mike was once an opener too, so give the band a chance.

After the second opening act, Mike finally came on around nine thirty. He opened with a classic, Swish. The crowd went insane for that song. He played some old songs like Boys of the Summer, Batter Up, and more. My favorite off his new album that he performed was 21 Sadness. Goody Grace is on that song, and the two of their voices together is perfect. Another favorite was Mirrors on the Ceilings, about his ex Josie.

Interacting with his fans in the crowd and chugging beers, it’s never a dull moment seeing Mike Stud live. His fans always go hard with him, and scream his famous saying “Uh-Yuuh.” I never get bored seeing Mike because he does know how to interact with the crowd, and Boston always goes crazy when he comes to the city. His crew is always on stage with him having a fun time. The show ended with These Days and let me tell you, everyone in that crowd knew word for word, myself included.

I definitely can say I’d see Mike Stud again, or should I say Mike. He called this tour of his “The Final Mike Stud tour,” aiming for changing his name to just Mike. I think his next tour will be something else, and to top off this previous tour will be interesting to see.

That night was something I’ll always remember, and I can’t wait for the next concert I attend to write my experience on.

Bryce Vine

On Wednesday, February 6th, my friend and I had tickets to see Bryce Vine. The concert took place at the  Brighton Music Hall in Allston, Massachusetts. We grabbed dinner at Five Guys down the street, and chilled a little bit waiting for doors to open. When we arrived at the venue we stood in the back, drank some red bull, and danced to the openers 7715 and Kid Quill. Bryce finally came on and opened with some good throwbacks.

The crowd was hyped when he sang his popular songs like Glamorama, The Fall, Where the Wild Things Are, Drew Barrymore, and of course Sour Patch Kids. Singing along to all the songs and dancing with my friend, and others in the crowd, was a fun night. Bryce always puts on such a good show and gets everyone hyped to new or old songs he performs. The last time I saw him was back in 2016 when he opened up for Moosh & Twist, so it was nice seeing him again live on his own headliner.

He ended the night with his most popular song, Sour Patch Kids and everyone was singing along. I was sad when the show ended because I didn’t want to leave without saying goodbye. Unfortunately, we left without meeting up with him, but we headed to go get ice cream instead. The weather was a little crappy. It was down pouring, and I didn’t have a jacket, but I managed. After we got ice cream, my friend and I ubered back into the city, and we said our goodbyes. The goodbyes weren’t entirely “goodbye,” since we were seeing each other again at Mike Stud Friday.

Stay tuned to hear about how our experience with seeing Mike Stud, Friday February 8th went.

6 Rings

For those of you who don’t know, the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl this year! Super Bowl LIII took place in Atlanta, where the Patriots took on the LA Rams. The game ended in the fourth with Patriots leading 13-3. My friends and I were at a friends watching the game where we then headed back into the city to rally for the win. The parade took place in Boston on Tuesday February 5th, at 11am all throughout downtown. We went to City Hall, where the parade typically ends, to watch. We’ve done that for the past two years now, but luckily, the weather at this years parade was hitting sixty degrees.

My friends and I took pictures to document where we were, and to be able to post on Instagram later. When the parade started, everyone was cheering, and screaming for the players going by on the duck boats. Tom Brady, Edelman, Defensive players, Robert Kraft, and of course Belichick. Everyone was on separate duck boats, even the cheerleaders and mascot. Confetti filled the air and the sun shining down made the city feel warm. Everyone high fiving each other and screaming “Beat LA” and more chants.

I definitely can say I’m heartbroken I didn’t see Gronk once again, from being on the opposite side of his float, but I saw pictures and videos from friends. When the parade ended, we all ran to the ending to see if we could see or meet the players. None of us met them, but I did see Gronk in his bus sitting down rocking his Super Bowl Champion sunglasses. I was fangirling because he saw me in my Gronk jersey screaming with joy.

It’s always a good time seeing the Patriots team come home to Boston, and celebrating with their fans and family in the parade. It’s also bittersweet when it ends  because you have to leave that happy place. I know there will be more parades with the duck boats and what not, but until then let me just say one more final thing, “Super Bowl Champions baby!!!”

Lamp City Family

For this post, I wanted to talk about a certain artist I interviewed recently. His name is Cam Meekins, and he’s from Boston, Massachusetts. He identifies himself as a “Rapper/Entrepreneur,” who has been making music for the past ten years. While finishing his senior year of high school, he had gotten an offer from a record label to pursue his music career. He chose to do music full time, and decided that college wasn’t really for him. Cam is signed with the record label Lamp City Records, which he is also a founder of.

Everyone always asks artists what made them pursue music, and for Cam, he speaks personally. “I grew up loving all types of music,” he says. “My brother played in a band when I was younger, so I used to go downstairs and play around on all the instruments they had lying around. I taught myself how to play every instrument and started writing random songs. Then once I got a little older I fell in love with making hip hop beats on the computer, then started rapping on my own beats and put it out on Youtube/Facebook and started actually growing a fan base.” Meekins says he’s inspired by artists like “Kanye, Jay Z, and Wiz Khalifa,” which gave him a reason to pursue the career he has now.

Talking about his music today, he’s collaborated with similar artists like Cousin stizz, Skizzy Mars, Sammy Adams, and more. Meekins also says he would like to work with Wiz Khalifa in the future. A lot of artists’ music changes over the years, and for Cam Meekins, he mentions how, “my music is a reflection of what I’m going through at that time, so naturally the sounds and subject matter tend to change. I think I have a different level of maturity in my music now vs when I was younger.” Asking Cam of all the songs he’s made, which one would be his favorite, he said “Hmmm… probably this song I have that isn’t out yet.” For any fans reading this, be prepared to hear that one.

“I’m just incredibly thankful that I’m able to do what I love and make a living from it. I feel blessed to wake up and call this a job.” Meekins says when asked how his career has impacted his life today. “I recently moved to Los Angeles since most of the people I work with live there. It has really helped my productivity and it’s a great vibe in general.” A powerful transition for a lot of music artists, like Cam, is heading to Los Angeles or New York. “I would tell anybody who’s trying to be a professional artist to trust themselves and come up with a plan and stick to it. A lot of people want to tell others how to do something but unless they’ve done it before, their advice isn’t worth much,” Cam speaks on his advice he would give to upcoming musicians. Writing music is a big factor for artists and how they write their own songs. Cam briefly talks about his advice for writing music, “I think a lot of the writing process has to do with confidence. Confidence to expand on a thought, or idea that comes up very quickly. Learning to say “yes let’s try that” instead of “no that won’t work.””

A special question that always gets asked is about the fan interactions, and the craziest memory. Meekins wasn’t sure on the craziest fan experience but he did mention, “I love meeting anybody that supports my music! Always try and make time for that at shows, especially as an independent artist, they truly are the reason I’m able to succeed music wise and financially.” That’s the most important thing for any artist, is making time for fans, and it’s clear Cam does that. In the future, Cam sees himself “doing what I’m doing now but just bigger and better,” in the next five years. He also says there’s no changes he would make to his job, and if he didn’t have this career now, he isn’t sure what exactly he would be doing. “I know I would be doing something creative and something entrepreneurial,” he said.

This interview I did with Cam shows a lot about his professional artist side. He knows what he wants, and how to go about getting it. For anyone who doesn’t know of Cam Meekins, you do now, and I suggest looking into his music! His new music will definitely be one to look out for, and I know I’ll be supporting it. Links to his social media sites are down below!