EJ Noro

Eric Justin Antinoro is from North Andover, Massachusetts, and goes by the name of EJ Noro. EJ went to a community college nearby where he lives for two years and was taking core classes at first. EJ was unsure what he wanted to do and dropped out. “I decided that school was not for me,” and EJ states what a lot of people think about when in school. “I am mainly self employed as a DJ/Producer and I also do a lot of photo and video work. Also I currently work part time as a manager at a grocery store,” when I asked EJ what he does for a career. I asked him what made him pursue getting into being a DJ/Producer and he spoke on, “My dad was always making music for himself and other people when I was growing up. He plays guitar and has been in multiple bands that I can remember. That definitely got me interested as a kid. However, I didn’t really get into it until my senior year of high school. I was really into drawing at the time, but I realized that I wanted a different outlet for my creativity; something that leaves a longer and more profound impression on the consumer. So I chose to drop the drawing, and focus on the music instead.”

When it comes to interviewing artists, and asking what made them pursue or who inspired them to do what they do today, it’s a little different for DJs/Music Producers. “It’s sort of a foggy area when it comes to ‘how’ and ‘when’ you are officially considered as a DJ or music producer. Some people plug into an aux cord once and say they’re a DJ. So I would say for me it really started on the day that I decided that this is really what I wanted to do, which was some time right after high school,” EJ says when I asked him how he became a DJ/Producer, and the thought behind his decision in becoming one. EJ has been producing music for about 5 years and DJing for about 4 years now he mentioned. I asked EJ who his inspiration was for pursuing the music career he has now, and he said, “my family in general always inspired me with encouragement. As far as musical inspirations, my top artists would have to be Major Lazer, Avicii, Flume, Skrillex and David Guetta.” 

DJ’s and artists are similar in the music industry when it comes to starting out, and the connections you build throughout the whole journey. I asked EJ what are some challenges and goals when starting out as a DJ, and how they change over time and this is what he had to say, “Well, in the music world it is really all about connecting with people and building relationships with artists and friends who can help you along the way as you do the same for them. That was the hardest part for me; trying to figure out how to put myself in a position to build my network of people. I was lucky at the beginning to have a lot of help from my friends Nick Cincotta and Andrew Scola when it came to meeting people and being in places where I could start making those connections.” 

A piece of advice that EJ speaks on when becoming a DJ, or becoming a successful one is, “The first and most important thing that I learned when it comes to DJing is that you need to really be able to know your crowd. Not necessarily before you begin though, It is okay to go into any DJ set with an open mind. The best DJs are the ones who have the ability to be musically flexible while still staying true to yourself as an artist. I learned this the hard way when I DJed my first school dance and all I played was EDM while everyone wanted hip hop and top 40!” His advice is something I would highly listen to when it comes to playing sets, you never know the vibe of your crowd until you start playing certain genres, but you also have to stay true to yourself and your “image.” With that being said, I asked EJ what are some considerations when it comes to playing a track, and which ones to play next, and he said, “Most of the time it is a lot easier than people may think. If there is a style of track that people are reacting positively to, then you can bet that they will enjoy another one. It is also the DJs job to decide when to try and switch it up to a different style. It’s all about reading the crowd.” 

I asked EJ who are some artists he’s worked with and he mentions, “I have worked with a lot of local artists such as Nick Cincotta, Rapta, Sixztar and TJ Hickey. As well as some people around the country such as Philly K, Blest Jones and SH3.” I also asked who are some artists in the future he wants to work with, and he said, “I’m not really the type of person who focuses on names when it comes to who I want to work with. It’s usually just a spontaneous decision when I find someone whose style I like. Other than that I am mostly looking forward to collaborating with my friends who are also into making music.” From that answer if anyone needs a DJ or help with producing, I’ll have EJ’s social media links down below to get in contact with! 

To wrap up this interview, I asked EJ if he currently has a favorite song or track of his, and his favorite scene to play where he said, “I’d like to say that all of the music I make is my favorite because why would I make anything otherwise! But my current favorite is an unreleased track of mine with my friend Ben Mader called “Binge.”” For a favorite scene to play, EJ said, “Each scene has its qualities that I like. School dances are fun because you never know what is going to happen. Shows are fun because the energy is always really high. Mostly I enjoy DJing parties with my friends because that is when I have the most musical freedom and the connection between myself and the people in the room is a lot more personal.” In the end, EJ says he doesn’t exactly know where he sees himself in five years, but he sees himself living off of music or something along the lines of it. EJ also states if he didn’t have this job he would want to be a video game tester. If anyone is in need of a DJ, or producer EJ’s links will be down below! 








Get Lucky Tour

Hey guys, so for this post I wanted to do a little #TBT to seeing Sammy on his recent Holiday tour! Enjoy!

It’s been roughly two years since the last Sammy Adams Holiday Tour I attended, but that all changed on December 27th, 2019. Sammy had come back from a well needed break due to personal health reasons to perform for his Holiday Get Lucky Tour. So for this post I wanted to share my experience about seeing him. On this tour, he started in New Jersey and ended in his hometown Boston, with opening acts INDY Raps, Francc music, TREVi, TJ Hickey, and AZIZ The Shake. 

My friend from New Jersey came to the Boston show with me from an annual reunion we always do. We got to the venue fairly early for VIP, and waited with our other friends in line. Eventually VIP started to check in, and after waiting a little while longer we were going inside. Waiting to meet Sammy again after waiting for two years for him to tour, was a little nerve racking. I had written him a letter (like I always do) saying what I couldn’t say in VIP, and to make sure he reads it after the show. Once we all got our pictures with him, we headed to barricade and took turns holding each others spots to get tour merch or drinks. Finally the show was starting, something we were all counting down the minutes until. 

The first act to perform was Francc music, followed by Trevi, TJ hickey, and then AZIZ The Shake. In-between these acts was a DJ whose name is Dugas. He played some songs before each opening act came on, and then Sammy’s DJ took over before AZIZ The Shake took the stage. Getting us all hyped thinking Sammy was on but AZIZ did a really good job hyping the crowd. He had his crew with him on stage and they were hyping him and the crowd up as well. When AZIZ left the stage it was all eye on Braun, Sammy’s DJ. He was making sure we were ready or Sammy, and let me tell you…we’ve been ready. 

Sammy came on the stage opening with We Are the Ones, and continuing on with oldies and new songs. When he stopped singing he would talk to us about what had happened to him and the break he needed to take due to health concerns. The crowd was in awe when it came to his speech about being in the hospital bed and thinking his life was over, not being able to perform anymore or more importantly walking. He told us he wrote the song Talking to Myself in the hospital and that it hit home to him. Talking to Myself is one of my favorite songs of Sammy’s due to how he opens up, and expresses his feelings like he did in mixtape WIZZY, and album Boston’s Boy. After the heart warming speech, he then got the crowd going for Where You Are, and the crowd was screaming the chorus over and over again to where Sammy kept repeating the song. Finishing up the show he performed LA Story, I Hate College, and some other favorites especially All Night Longer. He ended the show with his newest single Yea Yea, and hearing that live is something I’ll always love. The song is so catchy everyone can sing along and have fun while doing so. 

It was hard to say goodbye to Sammy, watching him get off the stage and not knowing when I’ll see him next. It’ll be a good 2020 for him though, I can feel it. Fans of Sammy reading this, be on the lookout for some new music for sure. Wrapping up this tour recap, I think it’s always good to see your favorites live and the love you share with others in the venue is something special. Sammy always tries his best to perform at the most, so fans have that memory forever, and he definitely accomplished that Friday night. I can’t wait to share my next memory with Sammy, or even any other artist in general, so be on the lookout for my next concert adventure! 

TJ Hickey

From Charlestown, Massachusetts, comes an artist by the name of TJ Hickey. TJ attended Union College to where he later attended Trinity College and studied Anthropology. He chose that major from it being his first class where he got an A in, and decided to go along with majoring in it. TJ currently works as a spokesperson for a campaign, and makes music. He’s been making music for about 6 years now, “I always did music as a joke with my friends and teammates and would write raps about kids on our team. Then I was cut from college hockey team and decided to pursue music seriously,” he responded when asked about what made him pursue making music. When I asked TJ who inspired him to make music, or choose the career he has now he said, “I actually had a friend that was making music and I always enjoyed helping him then I thought, ”Hey, I can do that too” and ran with it.” 

I always ask the artists if they’re signed, see themselves becoming signed, or wanting to be independent and for TJ he isn’t signed and says, “I don’t see myself unless it was an undeniable deal.” His response is how most artists respond for being signed, they like to be independent and do everything on their own until that unbelievable deal comes along. It’s a challenge a lot of artists can face, but with the fans and hard work, they can accomplish anything. When it comes to having another job onto of being an artist, it can be tricky. TJ speaks on how his career has impacted his life from it all, “having a day to day job is VERY different from the music scene and the two do clash because music is a bit outside the norm.” 

Further into discussing his music career, I asked TJ what would be his advice for writing music and he says, “Get lost. Lose yourself in the music and tell a story that gets people to escape real life even if it’s just for a little bit.” Which is definitely something to listen to when it comes to writing music, to write from within and write what you would want to hear more or less. Another piece of advice TJ speaks on when it comes to someone wanting to pursue a career in music is, “my first thing I tell people if you have to LOVE it. You have to do it for you and not care about others opinions. Music is a long, long journey and there are A LOT of critics so you have to love it to deal with the shortcomings.” All solid advice from TJ, and for music writers or future upcoming artists reading, take his advice! It’ll help in the long run. 

After discussing TJ’s music career and the advice he would give to upcoming artists, or music writers, I asked him about his own music and the changes that have happened throughout the years. “Oh man. So much! I sing so much more now and my music is soo mature. Years of practicing and experimenting,” TJ said when I asked how his latest music had changed from his oldest. He also says that his favorite song to show people is “Feel Free, but my personal favorite is “Meaning of Life” both are off my latest album “A Little Bit Of Everything.”” He also mentions how he wants to work with Sammy Adams, Skizzy Mars, and Mike Stud in the near future. TJ Has currently worked with other artists like Huey Mack, Cam Meekins, Futuristic, Mod Sun, Jared Evan, Devvon Terrell, Jitta On The Track, and more. For fans of TJ reading, I can say that the new music will be worth the wait for these features come later on. 

In these interviews, I always look forward to hearing why they wanted to make music, who inspired them, or the crazy fan experiences they encounter. TJ mentions his craziest fan experience is “fans tatting my lyrics on them in general is wild to me,” which I can vouch for since I have my favorite artists handwriting tattooed on myself. It’s an exciting thing for artists, and even the fans to have a tattoo in someone’s handwriting, especially for someone they care about. My last couple of questions for TJ to wrap up the interview was where does he see himself in five years and this is what he had to say, “I plan on doing this forever and I hope it hits more ears cause I truly believe I make great music.” He also mentions that he’s exactly where he’s supposed to be, and in time he’ll be further into his career. That’s the kind of mindset artists should have, and anyone reading! If you set your mind to something, and work on it, you’ll achieve your dreams and goals in no time. That being said, If you haven’t heard of TJ Hickey, or his latest music check out his music and social media platforms down below! 








I’m In Whatever U.S.A.

Hey guys! I wanted to do a Flashback Friday to the day I saw Hoodie Allen on his Whatever USA Tour. On October 20th, 2019, I saw Hoodie Allen at Paradise Rock Club in Boston. I had VIP and a couple of my other friends did too! We waited outside in line for a couple hours, talking to one another, and some of the crew members who were coming and going from the tour bus. Once they started checking for VIP, we were finally heading inside to see Hoodie. This time VIP went a little differently than planned, from his voice being horse and trying to save it for the show. He mimed a lot of conversations, and had his tour manager tell everyone that he can’t talk much. 

When I went to go meet him, I just didn’t know what to say only because he couldn’t speak and I wasn’t good with reading his lips (lol). He took the letter I always write to him, and then we took our pictures on my phone and the mini polaroid you get. Our picture was too cute! After VIP we went to grab our spot up front, but I wanted to see what the view was like from the balcony. My friend and I went upstairs and grabbed a drink before the show, and took a side view of the whole stage upstairs. It was kind of relaxing to not be in the front row, but I missed being involved and singing my heart out to each song.


Hoodie finally came on after Jake Miller opened, and my heart was fulfilled. I missed him so much, and his latest album Whatever USA was just incredible. It’s a different vibe from the others, and his heart was poured into it with hard work he went through and personal hard times. Hoodie is just one of those artists you can see over, and over again and never get bored. The show was amazing and it was fun to watch everyone from the balcony. In his song Cake Boy, where he throws cake into the crowd he had aimed for my friend and I up on the balcony, and let me tell you he almost hit us. I had some frosting in my hair from ducking, but he came really close. After that, he sang some other favorite songs of mine off the album or older albums and closed out the show with of course, No Interruption

I didn’t want the night to end, and seeing everyone walk out of the venue from the show being over was a little bittersweet. I never know when I’ll see him next, or If I ever will after each tour happens but I pray sometime soon. I always miss my boo and his crew. To wrap up this post, I hope whoever is reading this sees Hoodie sometime or if you have already shared your experience! I love sharing mine, and the next concert recap I do will be about Sammy Adams Holiday tour so get ready! 


Rico Cocchi

From Longmeadow, Massachusetts, comes an artist by the name of Rico Cocchi. Rico is studying at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst and majors in Psychology. He mentions if anyone is debating on going to UMass Amherst they should from being, “one of the best public schools academically, financially, and we had #1 dining for the past 4 years in a row.” Rico said. “I was always extroverted but college was really where I started to come out of my shell. I joined a fraternity and found my friend group who always encouraged me to keep going with music.” With majoring in Psychology, he speaks on how he wanted to be a guidance counselor for kids who really needed someone. “My guidance counselor was someone who always steered me on the right path especially when situations in my life were suggesting that I go in different directions.” Not a lot of kids have that type of mentor in their life to help them get on the right path, or to vent to when in need of guidance or advice. 

Being a full time student at UMass Amherst, Rico talks about how he has a job lined up post-grad that involves helping with troubled male teens who were removed from their homes, kicked out of school, or went to juvie. “I obviously want to make music a full time career this is just something to help me supplement income,” he says. With the talk about Rico making music and side jobs, he’s been writing songs, little raps or love songs ever since he was in middle school. “I didn’t actually put any music out until freshman year of college and I didn’t start taking it seriously until the year after.” 

Talking about music, Rico is currently an independent artist and definitely plans on being signed with a label in the near future. Rico talks about how, “labels are all about making money and when I do decide to go down that path, I want to make sure that I have a say in who gets what.” Getting into this industry of music, Rico started playing the guitar at the age of 10 and when he got a little older, he naturally started to sing. “I loved music from that start but I also wanted to impress this girl I really liked(lol). When I was in high school, I joined a grammy-award-winning music group and we ended up traveling around the Northeast performing and even toured in Europe (Germany and Austria).” I had asked him what made him pursue music, or why he got into making music and this was his answer. “I stopped making music my freshman year of college and really didn’t do anything with it until me and my friend down the hall would smoke weed and freestyle. He told me about a recording studio at UMass and that we should put a song on sound cloud as a joke, so we did. Then we decided to make another, and another, and then we got our first show. With my music background and the beginners luck, I couldn’t help but keep pursuing music.” As most artists can agree, a blow up of one song can lead to a lifetime profession. 

When it comes to pursuing music, there’s always someone who inspires an artist to do what they do. For Rico, he speaks on his inspirations for everything he does. “My younger brother is my biggest motivator. I don’t have to prove anything to anyone but for some reason I really want to do big things to show him that he can do big things too. Musically I have way too many inspirations but I really love Russ, Frank Ocean, G-Eazy, Mike Stud, Sammy Adams, and every 90’s pop-punk band that existed pretty much.” Becoming a well known artist takes time, and not everyone can just blow up overnight and be the next big hit. Rico started his career by performing at the Middle East Upstairs in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The venue holds roughly 200 people and he sold about 50 tickets as an opening act. “I almost got scammed for so much money lol I didn’t know what I was doing. When I was on stage everyone was going crazy having an awesome time. I was an opener but it was clear that everyone in that building wanted to see me.” In this music industry, there’s a lot of things artists would want to change or see more of, but for Rico he says, “there aren’t any changes really I love what I do and I want to do it on a bigger scale every day.” He also brings up, “one thing that I’m going to change for 2020 is creating and posting A LOT more content on all platforms.” In his response, it’s critical for artists to keep posting and staying in the loop to not fall off, or to stay active with their fanbase to keep building that connection. I can say Rico will definitely follow through with his intentions. 

I always like to ask artists what type of advice they would give to fans reading, or someone pursuing the same career. For Rico, this is what he had to say, “I have so much advice. There are a lot of basic things like making sure your music sounds good, making music everyday, and being vulnerable. BUT the MOST valuable advice I have is to be your true self, that’s the only way it’s going to work in the long run. Once you do that just post as much media as possible and let your fans have that window into your life. You might not hit everyone but that’s natural. It’s better to be loved by your die hard fans, lose some followers (the people who were never really your fans in the first place), instead of trying to make everyone happy.” His advice is something to live by when it comes to die hard fans. Those are the ones who give you that word of mouth power, and spread your brand around to others who aren’t so familiar with you. Anyone reading, take in his advice and be true to yourself!

Going off of the advice Rico gave, he also reveals some advice when it comes to writing music, “Be vulnerable. I really can’t stress it enough. Fans want to listen to YOU and the experiences that YOU have had so they can relate. My pop / party songs are better received by the masses but when I get personal is when people will send me messages about how they went through a breakup and this song help them through it.” Speaking about writing music, I had asked Rico how his own music has changed over the years and he says he’s developed a lot more skills for writing, recording, and making music in general, “but being more personal is what I really take the most pride in. Sometimes I end up crying after making songs. I haven’t released those ones yet but trust me they’re coming.” If any fans of Rico’s reading this, be on the lookout for his new, more personal music coming! Collaborations are also a big part of the music industry and helping one get known, and for Rico, he’s worked with a lot of artists behind the scenes but vocally, “Cam Randall, Adriana Gomez, and Kevin K.” He speaks on working with a lot of producers and engineers as well. Rico would love to make music with a lot of different types of artists, but mentions how he would like to work with “Sammy Adams, Ryan Caraveo, and Mike Stud,” in the near future. After talking about who he would want to collaborate with, and advice for writing music, I asked Rico what his favorite song or album of his is and he says, “my all time favorite is “Don’t Need You”. To this day, I still can’t believe that I made that song.” He also mentions his latest song, “Never Going Back” for another one he loves, from creating a new style for him being very pop punk. 

In these interviews, I always love asking what a crazy fan experience would be, and some even have no crazy fan experiences, or too many! “I honestly have a bunch of crazy fan experiences and each one is more surprising than the last,” Rico says. “At my headlining show I had a fan make me an entire tray of brownies (which were delicious by the way), I’ve had people from other countries DM me videos of them turning up to my songs. I always love when I get videos from girls playing my music that I don’t even know. That’s always a pretty big ego boost.” All over the world, there are fans out there listening to music, and every artist has had that one moment where they realize they went worldwide. As a fan myself, which I’ve mentioned before, it’s definitely a heartwarming feeling hearing about your favorite internationally played. 

Wrapping up the interview with Rico, I asked him how his career has impacted his life today. “My career has honestly changed my entire outlook on life in a lot of ways. The one thing that I try and tell people is that the world is SO big and there are SO MANY people. Life is short and the fact that you are living your life to live up to someone else’s expectations is idiotic. You should be trying to become your best self and by doing so, you will naturally love what you’re doing, love yourself, love others, and help many other people along the way.” In his response to my question, I agree with his statement on being true to yourself, and love what you do. It’s your life, live it how you want! I also wanted to ask him where he sees himself in five years, and this is what Rico had to say, “I see myself as completely invested in music. It’s going to be my main source of income. I’ll be doing national tours. I’ll have millions of streams. It’s really hard for me to think that far into the future and get specific because I’m always focus on the present day.” Keep up that positive energy and grind Rico, I’ll be sure to catch you on your tours! Following up, with the If you didn’t have the job you have right now, what do you think you would be doing? Rico mentions, “I’d probably just be working a 9-5.” 

For anyone who doesn’t know of Rico Cocchi I’ll be sure to have his media and music platform links down below! Anyone can become who they want to be, and Rico made sure of it within this interview. Hard work and dedication are an important thing in this industry, but staying true to yourself is too. 







Jeremy Zucker

For this post, I wanted to do a little throwback to the day I met someone I love unconditionally. November 9th 2019, was the day I met Jeremy Zucker at his show in Cambridge. It took place at The Sinclair over in Harvard Square, and VIP was around 5:30-6pm before doors opened at 7pm. I was thrilled to finally be seeing Jeremy live, let alone meeting him. I’ve been a fan of his for so long, it felt so surreal to be meeting him. 

When VIP started I bought his tour shirt and got in the back of the line for meet and greet. When It was finally my turn, I handed him a letter I wrote for him saying what I couldn’t in meet and greet. We took pictures, and he thanked me for the letter and told me to come join the VIP questionnaire and I followed him over. Jeremy is one of the sweetest human beings you could ever meet, and it was just an incredible feeling overall after meeting him. During the questionnaire I stood by his crew and watched all the other fans of his ask questions, or tell stories of his songs, and how much he meant to them. He played us some new music of his, and let me tell you I had chills it was so good. 

After the VIP event, he left too go get ready to perform later that evening and we all were waiting for the show to start after doors had opened. Once the doors opened and a couple minutes passed by, the first opening act came on, followed by the others. Finally the moment we all waited for, Jeremy was coming on. The lights went out and the music started playing from his band on stage. He played a mix of his old and newer songs, and a couple of my favorites to hear live was End and Thinking 2 Much. Those two songs of his have always been a favorite of mine, and then his most recent popular song Come Thru. In the background while he performed, he had his music videos playing or vibrant neon colors glowed to the beat of each song. It was an amazing, breathtaking experience that I’ll never forget. 

When he ended the show, I felt some type of way to where I didn’t want it to end. I wanted him to keep performing, and to never stop. Jeremy’s vibe is so contagious that it puts you in this heartwarming feeling of joy, and happiness when he’s singing. His crew all knows how to put on a good show, and I’ll for sure be at his next concert in Boston. To any fans of Jeremy’s reading this, you know the feeling I’m describing and the way his music hits home for some of us. I can’t wait until all the new music of his is released later on in the year, and to watch it just top the charts because he deserves it! 

I have some more concert recaps to share from the end of 2019, so be on the lookout for them! 


All the way from Berkeley California, known as “The Bay Area,” is music artist Blaine Thomas Johnson. Blaine attended Los Medanos College in Pittsburg, CA, where he then transferred to Cal State East Bay in Hayward, CA. At Cal State East Bay he went for a scholarship for baseball, as well as to study Kinesiology for his interest in how to develop the human body and mind. Blaine has been making music ever since he was fourteen years old, and plans on to continuing making music. “I feel I hold many titles in this day and age of music. I run my own business as an artist from recording and writing, to touring and selling merch. I also help song write for other artists and help them on their tours from a management side and an entertainment side,” he speaks on when talking about his career. “I literally do it all honestly and that’s how I want it. I think the best CEO is the person who can go into all positions in his field, and be the go to guy that everyone wants to work with.”  

I like to ask artists who inspired them to have the career they have now, and for Blaine this is what he had to say, “My brother first off, then all the artists I looked up to like Mac Dre, E-40, Andre 300, 2 Pac, and Lil Wayne were huge for me. Nelly being an athlete and musician, Eminem not giving a fuck what people thought and being a rap legend with his word play and vivid storytelling. Old music my mom would play for me like the Gap Band, Michael Jackson, The Temptations and everything else I would find in her CD collection.” Talking about inspiration, I asked Blaine who inspired him to pursue the music industry and he mentioned, “My mom and my brother had a huge impact on me musically, just from my moms huge CD collection I would always get into and find sounds. My brother was the one who showed me it’s possible when I would watch him start his own bands and go to his shows.” He elaborates on “It really made me think I could cultivate the music I like and go perform, if I just worked at it because I was already free-styling with the homies and having fun with it, then that’s when my brother showed me I can record myself and it just took off from there.” 

A lot of artists will have a background story to how they became who they are today, or how they started this type of career, and for Blaine this is his story. “The first time I’d say my career started is when my now good friend Shwayze, (before I knew him) had a show in Berkeley where I’m from, and one of my other homies B-Villian was Djing for him at the time and said to pull up to the show. I did and we ended up all kicking it, smoking and drinking at my crib after the show, and one of my homies had a playlist that had some of my songs mixed into it and when this song I made called “cannabis escape” came on, Shwayze came over to the speaker nodding his head asking everyone whose song it was. When he found out it was mine, he asked if I wanted to come on the rest of the tour and I’ve been touring ever since. Shout out to my brother Shwayze!”

When talking about music with Blaine, I asked if he’s currently signed, and he’s currently under his own label he created called “DEUX.” He stated that if a bigger label wanted to merge and takes things to the next level with him that he wouldn’t be opposed, only if the contract and money was right. Throughout Blaines career in the music industry, he’s worked with several artists like “Shwayze, Cam Meekins, Pockets, Jinluv, Too short, Michael Christmas, Trev Case, Mikealis, Baby Bash,” he’s also done some shows with “Huey Mack, Mike Stud, Waka Flocka, Travie McCoy, Futuristic.” He spoke on a bunch of others, but one that sticks out to him recently was the “Wu Tang Clan” at the Reggae Rise Up Festival. Blaine mentions how he would like to work with music artists like, “E-40, G-Eazy, Andre 3000, Drake,” all in the future! Music is a way of expressing feeling, and getting emotions out to those listening and interpreting it in their own way. For artists, their music tends to change over the years, and Blaine says his music has changed in better mixes and his word play is always improving. Out of all the songs he’s written, he talks about one of his favorite songs being “What It Cost,” and that, “it’s just an instant slap and the music video!” Fans of Blaines reading this, I’ll have the link for that music video below for you to watch! 

Writing music can be a therapy for some artists, or a passion they just have for this industry to help other artists create songs. Blaine says, “be yourself, people like authenticity,” when it comes to advice for writing music. He also mentions some advice on anyone trying to pursue the career he has saying, “do what I did, be a solid human, and show up. If you’re a good person who works hard and shows up, good things will happen. Always work on your craft, sharpening your tools to perfect it.” Within his career, Blaine feels everything that has happened this far is god’s plan for him, and that there’s so much more to come for him and there’s no need to make changes in his career. His career has impacted his life from talking about how, “It’s taken me to places I would have never been able to go to and see, and has brought me into rooms with people I would have never have thought I would meet. More importantly, become friends with amazing people!” 

Getting into the end of this interview, I asked Blaine what his craziest fan experience was and this is what he had to share. “I released my first mixtape “The Bridge vol. 1” and sold them at shows, and a fan bought one. Then about 6 years later, this guy kept hitting me on social media saying he needs it signed and I was thinking in my head that CD is so old how does he still have it, and sure enough he showed up to a show with a friend who also had the Mixtape and both got them signed which I thought was hella cool for them to fuck with me that tough and keep my mixtape after all those years.” Fans can either be crazy or really dedicated to their favorite artist, and for Blaine he had some dedicated fans having that mixtape years later. I can speak on being a dedicated fan, and for the artists, it’s definitely something to cherish. If Blaine wasn’t an artist and didn’t have this career, he doesn’t know exactly what he would be doing, but somewhere getting money he states. That being said, he also responds to my question of where he sees himself in fives years with, “releasing more music, playing bigger venues, and raising my son.” I can say that fans of Blaine’s will be excited for all this new music to come in the future, and his son will sure be blessed! Wrapping up this interview, I will have Blaine’s social media links and music platforms down below for those who aren’t familiar with Blaine, or fans who want to watch that latest music video! 







https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyz1WB2VD6Q ** NEW VIDEO**