Make It Happen

From Cape Cod, Massachusetts comes one artist, entrepreneur, and good person by the name of Matthew Corman. Matt Corman graduated from Southern New Hampshire University, with a degree in Business Administration. Matt Corman is mostly known for being an artist. He started to make music around the age of 19, while he was a freshman in college. He started to just freestyle in the locker rooms, and would record some songs for Soundcloud. I always ask these artists what made them pursue music, and for Matt he said his brother. “My brother was a rapper. I was super influenced by him making music in our house growing up. I really looked up to him so I just wanted to do whatever he did.” With that response Matt mentions, “myself, family and my friends,” have inspired him to choose this music career he has now. For any of those asking if Matt Corman is signed, “I created my own record label at the end of 2018 MIH Universal. In terms of majors, it all depends.”

Getting more into Matt Cormans music career, and how it’s impacted his life today, he brings up, “It has educated me to become a better version of myself.” Matt also mentions, “I have been blessed with the opportunity to positively affect the lives of my listeners. I do believe everyone has the opportunity to affect the lives of people around them. My platform has given me access to more hearts than the “typical” 24 year old. I have also been granted the blessing of learning what our youth looks for in life. My fanbase is very diverse…. it’s always interesting diving through the demographic of my audience and gaining a better understanding of where the future is heading. Very…. very thankful..”

I always ask what the artist advice would be for someone trying to pursue the same career as them, this is what Matt’s advice would be. “Absolutely, try to not compare yourself. We’re in an age of social media where you really do not know what goes on behind the image portrayed. There is a saying that goes “Don’t compare your level 2 to someone else’s level 25”. It doesn’t matter if I get X amount of views and you get X amount. I have been making music forever and you may have just started. OR… The other way around… it DOESN’T MATTER… everyone goes at their own pace.. this is art.. music lasts forever.. when I die my songs will still be available FOREVER… start focusing on the product in your store not the amount of people walking in the door. You will know when you are there.” Another piece of advice is for writing music and the tips some artists will have, Matt’s advice is “WRITE FROM YOUR HEART<33333…. ha. Just playing, idk it’s whatever you feel in that moment, it’s art that’s all you.”

A popular question for artists is who they see themselves working with in this industry, and for Matt Corman he brings up “Drake, Drake, Drake and Drake. Nah some of these I have work with but since this is future… I’m just gonna type a ton.. G- Eazy, Wiz, Juice Wrld, John Mayer, Justin Bieber, Chelsea Cutler, Rihanna, Logic, Anthony Russo, Arizona Zervas, 27Club, Mike Stud, Sammy Adams, hmmm fuck idkk…. Cousin Stizz fuck you mean!?!? Jefe Replay, Adrian Stresow, Kevin Flum, ummmm Sammy Pharaoh, me & Rapta need a few more John Wolf, fuck idk.” With that list, he’s worked with some artists like, “Oncue, C-Trox, Cam Meekins, Michael Christmas, Justin Stone, Rapta, J-Clark…I probably forgot some..” Having asked this question, Matt brings up “I have so much unreleased I can’t really talk about right now. Let’s go with that for now.” Any fan reading this, be prepared for Matt Cormans new music!

Reading more into Matt Cormans music and how it’s changed from beginning to now, “truthfully for a minute I was making relatable sad relationship stuff cause that’s what got me on the blogs,” Matt says. “But then I realized I’m happy as fuck the majority of the time, making stuff that is truthful is more important than fake stuff. TBH I have a great life, I can afford things, I have dope friends, I have a dope relationship.. Why should I make stuff that doesn’t relate to my life just to get on popping channels? Whatever pops off is going to be what you sing forever soooo why would I sing something that’s not me…. so I’ve been making stuff that is more me. Idk I experiment with different stuff…” A lot of artist will go through changes in life, which affects their writing for the good or bad. It gives them a good way to re-create their name. Asking what Matt Cormans favorite song of his, he says, “Thank You Forever – Its dedicated to my parents. Go listen and you’ll get it.” If Matt Corman had to make any changes to this career, he would say “I most certainly would change the people in the music industry. Excuse me, that was a terrible statement. I would change the way the module operates to mimic other successful industries not involved within entertainment. I wish we had more high level conversations regarding developing the culture on a responsible level, rather than what is popular and trending right now.”

Another popular question I like to ask artists is what their craziest fan experience would be, for Matt, “first time I saw my lyrics tattooed on someone. That blew my mind.” To the fan with tattoo in his lyrics, you’re a real one! Wrapping up this interview, I asked Matt where he sees himself/career in five years. “Making shit happen, making people around me have a great day. Hopefully sipping Pina Coladas in Punta Cana,” he replied. Matt says if he wasn’t making music, in the career he has now he would probably end up as a Fisherman. Ending this interview, Matt Corman is definitely one of those special artists who will blow up in the near future, for the way he treats his fans and makes music his dedication. To the fans of Matt Corman reading this, and those to come in the future, let’s Make It Happen for him.

Anyone who wants to look into Matt Corman and browse his music, or social media platforms, links are posted below!


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