From Annapolis, Maryland, comes two music artists by the name of Gianni DiBernardo and Kyle Devore. Gianni had studied at University of Maryland, majoring in Communications, where Kyle studied at Rowan University majoring in Art. When asking what made them pursue music, Gianni had answered with, “seeing the Bye Bye Bye music video when I was 6 and automatically realizing that’s what I wanted to do.” For Kyle it was, “being forced to make a song for a Spanish class in high school and falling in love with it.” When asked who was their inspiration for the career they have now, they said, “Our families inspired us to do what we love while we’re young because we didn’t wanna look back when we’re 40 and think what if.”

Together Gianni&Kyle have been making music roughly for 6 years. The duo are independent and are not signed with a record label but, “if the right deal were to come along we wouldn’t be opposed,” they said. Every music artists career has impacted their life one way or another, and for Gianni&Kyle they spoke on how,“It made us really mature as business owners, because at the end of the day “Gianni & Kyle” is a business, and there’s a lot of important choices to make in that position.” With that being said, I asked if there’s any changes they would make to their job and they replied, “not at all, we do what we love for a living and we’re grateful for that alone.”

Making music always comes with hard times, and easy times. For Gianni&Kyle their advice for someone pursuing the music career would be, “keep moving forward. Keep trying. Don’t care about what anyone thinks because if we did we would’ve given up a long time ago. Focus on you.” Another piece of advice they have is for writing music and to, “work with whatever comes naturally, don’t force it.” Asking how their music has changed from oldest to latest, they had said, “the music had leveled up like crazy, it’s just a more evolved sound. So much better than the old stuff.” I always ask what their favorite song of theirs is and for Gianni&Kyle they answered, “the new music lol but also do u even miss me at all? That song is so personal and also helped us move forward in our career from its success.” For any fans reading this, be prepared for their new music and to check out Do You Even Miss Me At All.

With their music, they haven’t really collaborated with anyone just yet, but they mentioned “we have a song with Hoodie Allen coming out soon on his album.” Any Hoodie Allen fans reading this, like myself, better be ready for that collaboration. I then asked who they see themselves working with or want to work with in the future, and they replied with T-Pain. I always like to ask these music artists where they see themselves or career in five years, for Gianni&Kyle, they said, “hopefully getting more success and being happy with what we’ve accomplished.” Anyone who wants to check out their music/social media platforms, links will be posted below!

Wrapping up this interview, I like to ask what the craziest fan experience is, “every interaction we have with fans are great, we saw fans get g&k related tattoos. Those are so crazy to see,” they said. For the fans with these tattoos, you’re a real one! Ending the interview with if they didn’t have the job they have now, what would they be doing kind of question, they answered with, “there was never a plan B for us honestly, we were always in the mindset this was going to work. Everyone should have that mindset.” Any future artists out there reading this, listen to Gianni&Kyle’s advice, they know what they’re talking about! If you haven’t heard of Gianni&Kyle yet, you have now, and have no other excuse but to go check out their music!

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