From Long Island, New York, comes an artist by the name of Jared Evan Siegel. He attended Five Towns College and University of Tampa, but dropped out to pursue the music career. Asking Jared what made him want to pursue music, he responded with, “the joy that came from hearing it.” The joy of music made this music artist the person he is today in the industry, and his inspirations were “Biggie and The Beatles.” Jared has been making music for 15 years now, and started this career when he got a major record deal at the age of 20. He is currently not signed to a major record label, but when asked if he sees himself being signed, Jared replies with “depends.”

In this career, there’s a lot of choices artist wish they could make differently but for Jared, there is no changes he would make. When asked how this career has impacted his life, he says, “It’s made me wiser.” A lot of people who want this career, will look up to other artists and want to know what to expect, or what to prepare for. Jared advice is “trust your gut over anyone else,” so for anyone wanting to pursue this music career, listen to Jared. Another piece of advice is when it comes to writing music, and for Jared, his advice would be “don’t think too much.” Which seems to be the most common advice a music artist can give.

With all of Jared’s music, he’s worked with artists like, “Pharrell, Dr. Dre, Action Bronson, Game, Hoodie Allen, Mac Miller, Rapsody, Lloyd, and HER.” In the future he sees himself working with artists like, “Anderson Paak, Tierra Whack, Jorja Smith, Rza, Mos Def.” Artists’ music will always change from experiences they go through, or memories they look back on. For Jared’s music, he mentions, “It’s more refined. It’s a better version of what it was. Like an iPhone update,” for how his music has changed over the years. When asked what his favorite song of his would be, he said, “neither are released at the moment!” Fans of Jared Evan, better be prepared to hear these new songs of his.

Another question I like to ask is a crazy fan experience they remember, and for Jared he speaks on “having a fan tattoo my handwriting on their arm,” which seems to be the common reply for a lot of artists. Fan with these lyrics tattooed on them, you guys are definitely a real one, speaking from experience. In five years from now, Jared sees himself with “a platinum album and a documentary based on the events surrounding it,” making sure he’s still at the top and pushing for better. I personally would love to see this documentary, when created and finished.

To wrap up this interview, I asked Jared if he didn’t have this career right now, what would he be doing? “I’m honestly not sure,” was his response and to be honest, I can agree with that. No one really knows what they would be doing if their career choice of their dreams didn’t workout. I can say that Jared Evan will get that documentary after his platinum album, and his fans will be right behind him supporting him every step of the way. For those who don’t listen to him, or know of Jared Evan, his music/social media links will be posted below!







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