B.Aull That

All the way from Saco, Maine, comes artist Brandon Aull. Brandon attended Husson University, where he majored in Audio Engineering. “Music is something I’ve loved for a long time, and as I started my music career I wanted to learn more about the process of recording, engineering, mixing, and mastering music” Brandon said, when asked why he chose that specific major at Husson University. He currently works at a hip-hop/urban radio station, Hot 104.7, in southern, Maine. “I do production, social media, blog posting and I’m on air at night. It’s a dope job and a perfect fit for this point in my life. But the music is ultimately what I want to be doing full time. Soon enough!” Brandon speaks on, when asked what he does at Hot 104.7.

Brandon Aull goes by the stage name of B.Aull, and has been making music since he was a junior in high school at the age of 16. “8 years later and I haven’t looked back since.” I always like to ask what made these artists want to pursue music and for Brandon he said, “I always loved music and had people around me that did as well. Junior year of high school I had a friend that encouraged me to start rapping with him. Shortly after I decided to make music, I saw J. Cole perform at Port City in Portland. That performance made me really want to pursue music as a career, and the rest is history.” Another question I like to ask is who inspired them to make music, and for Brandon he said, “Well, as stated above, J. Cole for sure. That moment of seeing him killing it on stage really just lit a fire in me where I was like “man, I really want to do that.””

Getting to where he is now at Hot 104.7, and in the music industry, Brandon said “I just bought some basic recording equipment and got to working on songs back in high school. I used beats from producers on YouTube and what not at the time. Over the years, I’ve become friends with producers that are my go-to’s. On the radio side, I was graduating from college and seeing as I had no problem being an entertainer, it just happened to be a perfect fit at the right time for me to slide in and be on-air.” When asking artists if they’re signed to a record label, or see themselves being signed, Brandon answered with, “I’m currently independent. No record label behind me as of now but definitely wouldn’t be opposed to it in the future if the right situation presented itself. In today’s day and age though, there’s a lot you can manage to do on your own that only record label’s could’ve offered in the past. It’s a great time to be an independent artist!”

“I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with so many amazing and talented people. Whether it’s fans at shows I’m performing at, artists I work with, or people I meet at the radio station, the connections and relationships I’ve built have been amazing.” Brandon said, when asked how has his career impacted his life today. I always also like to ask artists these questions to get personal with them, and show the fans the real intimate sides. With that being said, I asked Brandon what his craziest fan experience was, and he responded, “nothing too crazy has happened to me with a fan quite yet, so I’ll chalk that up as a win. Mostly just a lot of cool interactions. Lately people have been recognizing me pretty much every time I go out in public around Maine which is pretty cool and also weird at the same time haha.” Fan experiences are everything for an artist, since they’re the ones who get that artist to where they are today in the industry. Asking Brandon if there were any changes he would make to his job, “not a single one. I love what I do!” he replied with.

Artists will always get asked what advice they have to give those trying to pursue the same career, and for Brandon this was his advice, “do it because you love to do it and do it as much as you possibly can. The more I get into a groove, the easier it becomes, and I don’t get into a groove unless I’m putting time into it on the daily. To put that kind of time into it, you have to love it!” When getting asked for advice on writing music, Brandon also spoke on, “don’t force it. Writer’s block happens to everybody so don’t beat yourself up if you can’t get the words out. I think writing will always be inspired by things happening in your life, so try to live more and go do something that will leave you inspired. In conversation, I always try to listen for words and phrases that I think could make for a good song title/concept. You never know when a simple conversation could lead to your next hit.” 

Speaking on music and writing, I asked Brandon how his music has changed from his oldest to latest, and he said, “I’m completely a different artist than I was a couple years ago, and even a year ago. I’ve become a lot more melodic, my song structures have become solid, and lyrically and flow wise I’ve gotten tighter. I’m definitely not the artist I used to be and it’s really cool to see the progression. I can’t wait to share all of the new music!” From that question I then asked what his favorite song of his is, “It’s not released yet haha. But it will be very soon. I can’t say the title but I just love the balance of singing and rapping, and just the overall vibe. But as for songs that I have out right now, it’s a toss up between You Can Have It All and Come Down,” Brandon said. 

Another favorite question I like to ask artists is who they have collaborated or see themselves working with in the future. For Brandon, he mentioned, “mostly people locally thus far. The homie Bensbeendead., Spose, Shane Reis, Sarah Violette, this Turkish production duo called the Flytones. I got some really cool features on my upcoming EP though that I’m stoked about.”On artists he’s worked with, but he said he would like to work with “mostly producers though off of the top of my head. I would love to work with Kaytranada, Sango, Take A Daytrip, and legends such as Timbaland and Pharrell. It would definitely be dope to work with artists that I’ve looked up to such as J. Cole, Kendrick, Kanye, Goldlink, Drake, and Anderson Paak.” 

To wrap up this interview with Brandon, “B. Aull,” I asked him where he sees himself/career in five years, “I see myself at the Grammy’s haha. In five years I’ll definitely be living off of my music, touring the world, and letting my music take me to all kinds of new places and experiences. I can’t wait.” He said. Any fan or fans reading this of Brandons, lets get him to the Grammys someday! The last question I always ask is if they didn’t have the job they have today, what would they be doing? “Oh I’d be working on music all day, everyday. Since that would be the only thing to focus on, the progress I feel I’d make would be major. I can’t wait for that day to come where my only job is music, music, and more music. Fortunately, I feel like that’s coming sooner than later.” Where for an artist like Brandon, he would still be working with music from his major and dedication to it.  For anyone reading this who hasn’t yet heard of B. Aull links to his music platforms and social media are down below! Enjoy!








From Long Island, New York, comes an artist by the name of Jared Evan Siegel. He attended Five Towns College and University of Tampa, but dropped out to pursue the music career. Asking Jared what made him want to pursue music, he responded with, “the joy that came from hearing it.” The joy of music made this music artist the person he is today in the industry, and his inspirations were “Biggie and The Beatles.” Jared has been making music for 15 years now, and started this career when he got a major record deal at the age of 20. He is currently not signed to a major record label, but when asked if he sees himself being signed, Jared replies with “depends.”

In this career, there’s a lot of choices artist wish they could make differently but for Jared, there is no changes he would make. When asked how this career has impacted his life, he says, “It’s made me wiser.” A lot of people who want this career, will look up to other artists and want to know what to expect, or what to prepare for. Jared advice is “trust your gut over anyone else,” so for anyone wanting to pursue this music career, listen to Jared. Another piece of advice is when it comes to writing music, and for Jared, his advice would be “don’t think too much.” Which seems to be the most common advice a music artist can give.

With all of Jared’s music, he’s worked with artists like, “Pharrell, Dr. Dre, Action Bronson, Game, Hoodie Allen, Mac Miller, Rapsody, Lloyd, and HER.” In the future he sees himself working with artists like, “Anderson Paak, Tierra Whack, Jorja Smith, Rza, Mos Def.” Artists’ music will always change from experiences they go through, or memories they look back on. For Jared’s music, he mentions, “It’s more refined. It’s a better version of what it was. Like an iPhone update,” for how his music has changed over the years. When asked what his favorite song of his would be, he said, “neither are released at the moment!” Fans of Jared Evan, better be prepared to hear these new songs of his.

Another question I like to ask is a crazy fan experience they remember, and for Jared he speaks on “having a fan tattoo my handwriting on their arm,” which seems to be the common reply for a lot of artists. Fan with these lyrics tattooed on them, you guys are definitely a real one, speaking from experience. In five years from now, Jared sees himself with “a platinum album and a documentary based on the events surrounding it,” making sure he’s still at the top and pushing for better. I personally would love to see this documentary, when created and finished.

To wrap up this interview, I asked Jared if he didn’t have this career right now, what would he be doing? “I’m honestly not sure,” was his response and to be honest, I can agree with that. No one really knows what they would be doing if their career choice of their dreams didn’t workout. I can say that Jared Evan will get that documentary after his platinum album, and his fans will be right behind him supporting him every step of the way. For those who don’t listen to him, or know of Jared Evan, his music/social media links will be posted below!








From Annapolis, Maryland, comes two music artists by the name of Gianni DiBernardo and Kyle Devore. Gianni had studied at University of Maryland, majoring in Communications, where Kyle studied at Rowan University majoring in Art. When asking what made them pursue music, Gianni had answered with, “seeing the Bye Bye Bye music video when I was 6 and automatically realizing that’s what I wanted to do.” For Kyle it was, “being forced to make a song for a Spanish class in high school and falling in love with it.” When asked who was their inspiration for the career they have now, they said, “Our families inspired us to do what we love while we’re young because we didn’t wanna look back when we’re 40 and think what if.”

Together Gianni&Kyle have been making music roughly for 6 years. The duo are independent and are not signed with a record label but, “if the right deal were to come along we wouldn’t be opposed,” they said. Every music artists career has impacted their life one way or another, and for Gianni&Kyle they spoke on how,“It made us really mature as business owners, because at the end of the day “Gianni & Kyle” is a business, and there’s a lot of important choices to make in that position.” With that being said, I asked if there’s any changes they would make to their job and they replied, “not at all, we do what we love for a living and we’re grateful for that alone.”

Making music always comes with hard times, and easy times. For Gianni&Kyle their advice for someone pursuing the music career would be, “keep moving forward. Keep trying. Don’t care about what anyone thinks because if we did we would’ve given up a long time ago. Focus on you.” Another piece of advice they have is for writing music and to, “work with whatever comes naturally, don’t force it.” Asking how their music has changed from oldest to latest, they had said, “the music had leveled up like crazy, it’s just a more evolved sound. So much better than the old stuff.” I always ask what their favorite song of theirs is and for Gianni&Kyle they answered, “the new music lol but also do u even miss me at all? That song is so personal and also helped us move forward in our career from its success.” For any fans reading this, be prepared for their new music and to check out Do You Even Miss Me At All.

With their music, they haven’t really collaborated with anyone just yet, but they mentioned “we have a song with Hoodie Allen coming out soon on his album.” Any Hoodie Allen fans reading this, like myself, better be ready for that collaboration. I then asked who they see themselves working with or want to work with in the future, and they replied with T-Pain. I always like to ask these music artists where they see themselves or career in five years, for Gianni&Kyle, they said, “hopefully getting more success and being happy with what we’ve accomplished.” Anyone who wants to check out their music/social media platforms, links will be posted below!

Wrapping up this interview, I like to ask what the craziest fan experience is, “every interaction we have with fans are great, we saw fans get g&k related tattoos. Those are so crazy to see,” they said. For the fans with these tattoos, you’re a real one! Ending the interview with if they didn’t have the job they have now, what would they be doing kind of question, they answered with, “there was never a plan B for us honestly, we were always in the mindset this was going to work. Everyone should have that mindset.” Any future artists out there reading this, listen to Gianni&Kyle’s advice, they know what they’re talking about! If you haven’t heard of Gianni&Kyle yet, you have now, and have no other excuse but to go check out their music!

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Make It Happen

From Cape Cod, Massachusetts comes one artist, entrepreneur, and good person by the name of Matthew Corman. Matt Corman graduated from Southern New Hampshire University, with a degree in Business Administration. Matt Corman is mostly known for being an artist. He started to make music around the age of 19, while he was a freshman in college. He started to just freestyle in the locker rooms, and would record some songs for Soundcloud. I always ask these artists what made them pursue music, and for Matt he said his brother. “My brother was a rapper. I was super influenced by him making music in our house growing up. I really looked up to him so I just wanted to do whatever he did.” With that response Matt mentions, “myself, family and my friends,” have inspired him to choose this music career he has now. For any of those asking if Matt Corman is signed, “I created my own record label at the end of 2018 MIH Universal. In terms of majors, it all depends.”

Getting more into Matt Cormans music career, and how it’s impacted his life today, he brings up, “It has educated me to become a better version of myself.” Matt also mentions, “I have been blessed with the opportunity to positively affect the lives of my listeners. I do believe everyone has the opportunity to affect the lives of people around them. My platform has given me access to more hearts than the “typical” 24 year old. I have also been granted the blessing of learning what our youth looks for in life. My fanbase is very diverse…. it’s always interesting diving through the demographic of my audience and gaining a better understanding of where the future is heading. Very…. very thankful..”

I always ask what the artist advice would be for someone trying to pursue the same career as them, this is what Matt’s advice would be. “Absolutely, try to not compare yourself. We’re in an age of social media where you really do not know what goes on behind the image portrayed. There is a saying that goes “Don’t compare your level 2 to someone else’s level 25”. It doesn’t matter if I get X amount of views and you get X amount. I have been making music forever and you may have just started. OR… The other way around… it DOESN’T MATTER… everyone goes at their own pace.. this is art.. music lasts forever.. when I die my songs will still be available FOREVER… start focusing on the product in your store not the amount of people walking in the door. You will know when you are there.” Another piece of advice is for writing music and the tips some artists will have, Matt’s advice is “WRITE FROM YOUR HEART<33333…. ha. Just playing, idk it’s whatever you feel in that moment, it’s art that’s all you.”

A popular question for artists is who they see themselves working with in this industry, and for Matt Corman he brings up “Drake, Drake, Drake and Drake. Nah some of these I have work with but since this is future… I’m just gonna type a ton.. G- Eazy, Wiz, Juice Wrld, John Mayer, Justin Bieber, Chelsea Cutler, Rihanna, Logic, Anthony Russo, Arizona Zervas, 27Club, Mike Stud, Sammy Adams, hmmm fuck idkk…. Cousin Stizz fuck you mean!?!? Jefe Replay, Adrian Stresow, Kevin Flum, ummmm Sammy Pharaoh, me & Rapta need a few more John Wolf, fuck idk.” With that list, he’s worked with some artists like, “Oncue, C-Trox, Cam Meekins, Michael Christmas, Justin Stone, Rapta, J-Clark…I probably forgot some..” Having asked this question, Matt brings up “I have so much unreleased I can’t really talk about right now. Let’s go with that for now.” Any fan reading this, be prepared for Matt Cormans new music!

Reading more into Matt Cormans music and how it’s changed from beginning to now, “truthfully for a minute I was making relatable sad relationship stuff cause that’s what got me on the blogs,” Matt says. “But then I realized I’m happy as fuck the majority of the time, making stuff that is truthful is more important than fake stuff. TBH I have a great life, I can afford things, I have dope friends, I have a dope relationship.. Why should I make stuff that doesn’t relate to my life just to get on popping channels? Whatever pops off is going to be what you sing forever soooo why would I sing something that’s not me…. so I’ve been making stuff that is more me. Idk I experiment with different stuff…” A lot of artist will go through changes in life, which affects their writing for the good or bad. It gives them a good way to re-create their name. Asking what Matt Cormans favorite song of his, he says, “Thank You Forever – Its dedicated to my parents. Go listen and you’ll get it.” If Matt Corman had to make any changes to this career, he would say “I most certainly would change the people in the music industry. Excuse me, that was a terrible statement. I would change the way the module operates to mimic other successful industries not involved within entertainment. I wish we had more high level conversations regarding developing the culture on a responsible level, rather than what is popular and trending right now.”

Another popular question I like to ask artists is what their craziest fan experience would be, for Matt, “first time I saw my lyrics tattooed on someone. That blew my mind.” To the fan with tattoo in his lyrics, you’re a real one! Wrapping up this interview, I asked Matt where he sees himself/career in five years. “Making shit happen, making people around me have a great day. Hopefully sipping Pina Coladas in Punta Cana,” he replied. Matt says if he wasn’t making music, in the career he has now he would probably end up as a Fisherman. Ending this interview, Matt Corman is definitely one of those special artists who will blow up in the near future, for the way he treats his fans and makes music his dedication. To the fans of Matt Corman reading this, and those to come in the future, let’s Make It Happen for him.

Anyone who wants to look into Matt Corman and browse his music, or social media platforms, links are posted below!








Lamp City Family

For this post, I wanted to talk about a certain artist I interviewed recently. His name is Cam Meekins, and he’s from Boston, Massachusetts. He identifies himself as a “Rapper/Entrepreneur,” who has been making music for the past ten years. While finishing his senior year of high school, he had gotten an offer from a record label to pursue his music career. He chose to do music full time, and decided that college wasn’t really for him. Cam is signed with the record label Lamp City Records, which he is also a founder of.

Everyone always asks artists what made them pursue music, and for Cam, he speaks personally. “I grew up loving all types of music,” he says. “My brother played in a band when I was younger, so I used to go downstairs and play around on all the instruments they had lying around. I taught myself how to play every instrument and started writing random songs. Then once I got a little older I fell in love with making hip hop beats on the computer, then started rapping on my own beats and put it out on Youtube/Facebook and started actually growing a fan base.” Meekins says he’s inspired by artists like “Kanye, Jay Z, and Wiz Khalifa,” which gave him a reason to pursue the career he has now.

Talking about his music today, he’s collaborated with similar artists like Cousin stizz, Skizzy Mars, Sammy Adams, and more. Meekins also says he would like to work with Wiz Khalifa in the future. A lot of artists’ music changes over the years, and for Cam Meekins, he mentions how, “my music is a reflection of what I’m going through at that time, so naturally the sounds and subject matter tend to change. I think I have a different level of maturity in my music now vs when I was younger.” Asking Cam of all the songs he’s made, which one would be his favorite, he said “Hmmm… probably this song I have that isn’t out yet.” For any fans reading this, be prepared to hear that one.

“I’m just incredibly thankful that I’m able to do what I love and make a living from it. I feel blessed to wake up and call this a job.” Meekins says when asked how his career has impacted his life today. “I recently moved to Los Angeles since most of the people I work with live there. It has really helped my productivity and it’s a great vibe in general.” A powerful transition for a lot of music artists, like Cam, is heading to Los Angeles or New York. “I would tell anybody who’s trying to be a professional artist to trust themselves and come up with a plan and stick to it. A lot of people want to tell others how to do something but unless they’ve done it before, their advice isn’t worth much,” Cam speaks on his advice he would give to upcoming musicians. Writing music is a big factor for artists and how they write their own songs. Cam briefly talks about his advice for writing music, “I think a lot of the writing process has to do with confidence. Confidence to expand on a thought, or idea that comes up very quickly. Learning to say “yes let’s try that” instead of “no that won’t work.””

A special question that always gets asked is about the fan interactions, and the craziest memory. Meekins wasn’t sure on the craziest fan experience but he did mention, “I love meeting anybody that supports my music! Always try and make time for that at shows, especially as an independent artist, they truly are the reason I’m able to succeed music wise and financially.” That’s the most important thing for any artist, is making time for fans, and it’s clear Cam does that. In the future, Cam sees himself “doing what I’m doing now but just bigger and better,” in the next five years. He also says there’s no changes he would make to his job, and if he didn’t have this career now, he isn’t sure what exactly he would be doing. “I know I would be doing something creative and something entrepreneurial,” he said.

This interview I did with Cam shows a lot about his professional artist side. He knows what he wants, and how to go about getting it. For anyone who doesn’t know of Cam Meekins, you do now, and I suggest looking into his music! His new music will definitely be one to look out for, and I know I’ll be supporting it. Links to his social media sites are down below!






The Lightspeed World Tour

For this post, I wanted to write about one of the previous concerts I went to in downtown Boston at the House of Blues! My friend and I saw KYLE & Marc E Bassy on Tuesday October 30th, but of course we only went for Marc E Bassy since we hadn’t seen him in a couple months. The last time we had seen Marc E Bassy, was at University of New England, in Biddeford Maine. It was UNE’s spring concert that was open to the public for students to have guest, and my friend who goes there got us tickets.

KYLE’s tour was called “The LightSpeed World Tour” and was hitting every city in almost every state of the US and Canada, as well as heading to Europe to finish up the “world” tour. We had general admission, which was standing room only on the main floor of House of Blues, and we chilled in the back about four to five rows from the barricade. When Marc E Bassy came on, we were excited and started singing along to the songs he performed. The one song we wanted to hear live, but didn’t think we would, was Simma, and when he performed it for the first time, you could only imagine how crazy we acted when hearing it. Everyone stared at us like we were crazy, yet we just kept singing and dancing along.

After Marc E Bassy’s set was finished, we went to the merch table to get some merch to represent Bassy. I saw Kyles merch guy Kent, who worked with Hoodie Allen on his Hype tour, as well as Logics tour over the summer for Kyle being an opener for it. I said hi and we talked about life, and how everything was, as well as his job and how he got working with Hoodie and Kyle. I was intrigued because that’s a side job I would love to have, selling merchandise for an artist or working for one to run their social media. When I was done chit chatting with Kent, I went to go to take a picture with Marc E Bassy, and then talked to him for a couple seconds since multiple girls were wanting their pictures taken. Around 10-10:30pm, we left to go get food and reminisced how much we missed seeing Marc E Bassy.

Next post I’ll talk about the Hanging With Hoodie tour, so stay tuned!


From GOOGLE to Recording Artist

With all of the music artists there are in the world, and whether they’re upcoming musicians, not as known, or world known, they all have a story to tell. Most of these artists who are known globally are signed by a superior record company to get their music out; however, there are some artists who are not signed and doing their work independently. An artist who stands out is Hoodie Allen, and here’s why.

Steven Markowitz who goes by his stage name “Hoodie Allen” is from Long Island, New York. He studied at the University of Pennsylvania, where he graduated with a degree in Finance and Marketing. Allen chose those two majors based off of how they interested him and were a challenging combo. In his interview with Mashable, Allen speaks on how he worked at Google as an AdWords associate for the company START (Standardized AdWords Reseller Training) program. A year later, leaving the company to pursue his “dream and passion” of music,  Allen had taken the opportunities for live shows to get a jump start in his career of being a rapper.

Making music at the age of twelve, Allen knew he would be much better off making music instead of working at Google. “I love creating, and writing was my first form of creative expression that I took a liking to.” Allen says on how he decided music would be a full-time career for him. He defines himself as a “rapper, singer, songwriter and business owner.” Most musicians have other artists they look up to from listening to them when they were young, or getting inspired by how they make their music and putting it all together. Allen talks about how “Mos Def, Outkast, Beastie Boys” were his favorite artists growing up, but also his inspiration of becoming who he is today.

Starting out in the music industry can be challenging, from either having little to no experience with performing, or not enough fans to broaden across the world. Most independent artists have a tough time with this since no record label is promoting their music for them, or helping them by broadcasting their music everywhere. As an independent artist, Hoodie Allen mentions how he started out in this career by having “made a few songs that people started sharing and playing a lot on the internet” and how he “used that as a spring board to build more fans around the world.” Independent artists typically will try and promote their music like Hoodie Allen does by uploading on websites, or being active on social media. Allen discusses how “it’s a slow process but built organically,” which means nothing is forced, but just found naturally.

Majority of artists will look for a record label to sign them, but Hoodie Allen is one who says he’s “not currently interested in a record deal.” He doesn’t feel the need for a record label to help him further himself anymore than he already has all by himself, and with the help of his fans of course. This career choice can impact a lot on an artist’s life and be full time. Allen mentions how “my career is not a traditional 9-5. I’ve dedicated my life to my job and my job is a very public thing, so I think it has impacted me in multiple ways.” Given a chance to make any changes in his career, Allen says, “I’m my own boss, any changes I want to make to how I work, I can do it.” Interpreting, if he were to make any changes in the way he’s promoting himself, his music, or anything in general he’d do it. An important milestone that Allen had reached early on, was having a number one album on the iTunes charts and selling out MSG Theatre in his hometown. That gave him more self-assurance that he’s on the right track for becoming bigger and better. Continuing with making music and starting to get features, he’s worked with some other independent artists and well known artists. Out of the several mixtape and or albums he has, Allen has collaborated with Jared Evan, Ed Sheeran, G-Eazy, Chance the Rapper, State Champs and many more. Fans of his have always reached out asking for certain artists to be featured on upcoming songs or album. He brings up how he would like to work with certain artists like, “Logic, Jeremy Zucker, Jon Bellion and Alessia Cara.”

As an artist starts out to where they end up several years later, their music always tends to change for the good of their career. A change in an artist’s music would be how they alternate different beats, details in the lyrics or even the way the artist re-designs themselves. “I just make what the music inspires me to write, so based on where I am at in my life I am sure that plays a big influence.” Allen explains on how he sees his music from The Bagels and Beats EP, to latest album The Hype all differs. When an artist grows and matures their music changes from life events happening, and how they express it all in a song. Writing music is a way for most, if not all artists, can escape from what’s going on and put it all down into a rap or song. Allen describes how he writes and states, “let it flow naturally, don’t try to force it. Creativity is a fickle beast.”

To get where Hoodie Allen is now in the music industry, takes a lot of hard work as explained earlier, and devoting to promoting music all on the internet. Promoting is a big factor for artists because it’s how one gains their audience’s attention, and to make appearances on music charts. In the same interview with Mashable, he talks on how he markets his music through the online space and takes a unique approach to social media. Where Allen use to work at Google, he expresses that there’s no other job he would want in the world today. Speaking to other artists in the music industry, whether they are upcoming or already working on their image, Allen breaks it down, “my advice is that it is nearly impossible and therefore you have to not only get lucky but you need to work very hard for a very long time to break through at it.” Allen’s advice isn’t necessarily saying to give up if you can’t make it to where you want to be in a couple years, but more so to work hard and devote your life to where you want to be. He didn’t get to where he is today in the industry by marketing his songs here and there, or promoting himself on social media once in a while. It takes time for an independent artist to become known in the world, let alone internationally.

A popular question every artist will get asked is where they see themselves, as well as their career in five years. “Doing all the same things, touring and putting out music. Hopefully extending into other avenues as well,” Allen says. Given all the information with Hoodie Allen and how he describes himself, it tells a lot about him as an artist. With a wide fan base all over the U.S and Europe, he’s definitely getting up there to becoming well known. Fans are an important factor of being an artist, where they support you and your music. Getting Allen to where he is now, it’s safe to say he has a strong and well built fanbase. On top of having done multiple interviews, radio shows and podcasts, his opportunities for other career avenues are increasing. Working at Google may have given him the benefit of the doubt when it comes to technology, making him a different kind of artist than the typical “Hip Hop.”