Holiday Tours

Happy Holidays everyone! I can’t believe it’s already that time of the year, so for this post I want to reminisce on the past two Sammy Adams holiday tours. Over the years, Sammy has done holiday tours after Christmas, which are usually all on the East Coast, and lasting only a couple days. Some of the shows will be back to back, or have a day in between for a break. I’ve attended his “Home Alone for The Holidays” tour in 2016, and this past holiday tour. 

Home Alone for the Holidays tour, which was back in 2016, was my first holiday tour of Sammy’s! It was such an experience seeing him perform at the House of Blues in Boston. He had Huey Mack and INDY Raps open up for him, and Huey had brought out Cam Meekins. When Sammy came on, it was amazing just seeing him perform, and singing along with him to his songs. I love seeing and hearing other fans sing along, and enjoying the presence of Sammy too. He sang some older songs that tour like “Only One,” “L.A Story,” and some songs off Boston’s Boy. I never heard Only One live before, so hearing that was amazing, I basically got the whole thing on video! He always ends his shows with All Night Longer, and he had a special guest appearance by Mike Stud at the end, and they sprayed water on everyone from the water bottles on stage. Huey Mack, Sammy’s friends, and family came on the stage at the end to enjoy the moment with him. The show ended and we all went to get merchandise from the table and headed home afterwards.

Sammy’s last holiday tour I attended was in 2017, being last year! I went to three shows that tour, with the first one being in New Jersey. It was a crazy week, with having to be up at 5am to head to Boston to meet up with my friend, and then drive to New Jersey together. We met up with my other friend, and we all got ready together quickly to head to the venue in time. We were in the back just chilling, and watching the opening acts and dancing to the music. Sammy finally came on opening to “Thunderstorms,” and we tried moving closer, squeezing through the crowd. We were about three rows back, and decided to just stay there for a bit, until we saw Andie side stage, and headed over there to talk to her. We all sang and danced listening to Sammy perform, and watching him do his crazy dance moves to each song. It was interesting since he didn’t end the show with All Night Longer, but instead I Hate College.

The next day we saw Sammy in Boston, and met up with some more friends! After VIP happened, we all went to the barricade to talk about our pictures, and watched everyone else take theirs. It was the same setlist again, and opening song to start out with after the openers performed. After that show ended, we all were going home the next day, when last minute, my friends and I decided to go see him Rhode Island! We ended up getting free VIP, where I was bugging Sammy to sing Just Love Here next tour. (We’ll see about that one.) After VIP, we went to the barricade to secure a spot and did the same thing as the past two shows, sang and danced.

His venues were smaller this tour, like every other holiday tour he’s done. Sammy likes to have an “intimate” setting for the fans, and making it all about the connection he has with us. I’m sad to say I won’t have any upcoming holiday shows this year, but we all know I’ll see Sammy soon in the new year!

HWH 2018 Pt. 2

Hi everyone! Here is my final part of the Hanging With Hoodie Tour, enjoy!


The last show of the tour was in New Jersey on November 8th, and of course we went. We couldn’t miss the last show, and we had to get another cake for it saying, “Love Boston Hoes.” We only had General Admission, so we chilled in the hotel getting ready and ate before going. Arriving to the venue, we gave Nicky C, the bass player, our cake and talked with him for a bit before getting in line. Watching Super VIP go in, we were counting down until General Admission was going to go in. Inside the venue was a bowling alley as well, so it was interesting seeing people bowling when we walked in to get pictures with Hoodie. Ending the show in New Jersey, there’s always pranks happening for the last show of the tour. When Gianni & Kyle come on, they’re about to sing one of their most popular covers, and Hoodies crew comes on stage, and starts singing a completely different song throwing Gianni and Kyle off. All fun and games and they laughed and got back on track to their setlist. Hoodie then gets pranked when it comes time for the Trivia/spinning the wheel time. The crew changed all of the sayings on the wheel to negative sayings towards Hoodie. A fan landed on Hoodie having to kiss Alex, his lead guitarist, and I must say it was pretty funny.

Wrapping up the show with No Interruption was bittersweet  because I don’t know when the next time I’ll see Hoodie will be. It’s always a fun time seeing him and watching him living out his dream, so I can’t wait until the next time he tours again. Hoping sometime soon because I miss him already, but I know he’s busy, and needs this break before the Europe tour. Also, I can’t wait until he drops some new music of course! Hope you guys enjoyed reading my Hoodie Allen concert experiences and decide to go see him sometime!



HWH 2018 Pt.1

Hi everyone! As I stated in my last post, I was going to write about the Hoodie Allen shows I previously went to, so here’s part one of my Hanging With Hoodie Tour experience!Hoodie_HWH_Tour-_FB_Banner_Name_Only_1400x

On November 3rd, my friends and I all saw Hoodie at the Middle East for night one of his two Boston shows. The majority of us had his Super VIP, where you go in before General Admission and get some cool items like a polaroid and drawstring bag. After we all took our pictures, we lined up at the stage to get ready for the show to start. The openers were Gianni & Kyle. They are two guys called Gianni and Kyle, who sing/rap together. They were pretty good, and I must say I’ll definitely see them on their own tour sometime soon! Once they were off stage, Hoodie comes on and gets the crowd going crazy, like always. He played one of his new songs and then some off The Hype, and older albums. He always finishes with No Interruption, and that’s when we all know the shows over. The next day was Boston show number two. My friends and I had just GA, but the rest had his Super VIP. We chilled in the back after we took our photos with him to just have fun and dance around! After the show ended we got some merch and headed to get food before our drive to NYC.

November 5th was the New York City show. We got up early in the morning to drive down. We stopped in Connecticut to get a cake for “Cake Boy,” of course, and had the bakers right “F*** the Yankees.” Once we got the cake and some snacks, we headed to the hotel to get ready for the show since we had Super VIP. Once all of us were done getting ready, we headed to the venue to wait in line with everyone else who had VIP. VIP was another good time seeing Hoodie and giving him a letter I always write for him, and just talking about New York. Gianni & Kyle killed it like always opening up before Hoodie, and getting the crowd going for him. They always interact with the audience which is amazing, and call people out for going hard or what not. Hoodie comes on and it’s just a great time seeing him performing in his home state, and just seeing how happy he is that his dream really came true. Such a sentimental time for him, his family, friends, and of course fans. After the show was over, we were waiting outside to see Hoodie and the crew, but the rain was making it cold and wet, so we decided to get some pizza and head back to the hotel.

Endless Summer Tour Round 2

Hello everyone! I stated in the last post I would be seeing G-Eazy in the upcoming weekend and would want to share my experiences, so here it is! Endless Summer Tour part two!

My friends and I saw G-Eazy in Hartford, Connecticut on August 25th, and August 26th in Mansfield, Massachusetts. We had lawn for the Connecticut show and had a fun time chilling in the back just singing along and dancing. The Connecticut show was at the Xfinity Theatre, and it was probably one of my favorite venues. Everything just seemed set up nice and organized for the workers/artists. There were merchandise booths inside and outside the venue for the fans to purchase from. At that show, I actually met G-Eazy’s brother James, outside and got a few pictures with him before the show. 

For the Massachusetts show, we had pit tickets and this fast lane entry, which lets you inside before general admission. Once we were inside, we looked around to see where the merchandise tables were, and what they were giving away or selling. We ended up taking some beaded necklaces from this lady at a booth giving them away, and headed inside to the pit. We hung around in the back of the pit, so we could dance and sing while not bumping into other people. Once the show started and G-Eazy came on, it was like a whole other world. Opening the show with Pray for Me, and then singing some songs off older albums and the latest album, it was definitely an amazing show. Some of his crew and opening act crew members, chilled in the back next to us while enjoying the show. His brother James was behind my friends and I, dancing and trying to enjoy his brothers set, until girls were coming up to him asking for pictures. I always love hearing G-Eazy talk about how Boston is one of his favorite places to perform at, and how incredible it is for him to be playing at big venues like the Xfinity Center. I can definitely say that I’m excited for the next time my friends and I see G-Eazy, whether it’s another Endless Summer tour or his own album tour. We’ll be there! 

Coast 2 Coast

Hey everyone! For my first actual blog post, I’ve decided to write about one of the many Sammy Adams concerts I’ve been to. This one was quite special, being around my birthday, and flying for the first time to Florida. 


The concert took place in Orlando at The Social on April 5th, and was part of his Senioritis Tour. My friends and I all had his VIP for the concert, and we had showed up a couple hours before doors. We talked to the other fans waiting in line about where we were all from and how excited we were, next thing we knew the doors were opening. The six of us had all taken our photos with Sammy, and then lined up against the barricade waiting for the show to start. The openers had taken the stage and were telling us who they all were, where they’re from, and why they chose music for a living. They sang their songs, and once they were finished Sammy was up next. When Sammy came on and started singing it was definitely the icing on the cake for this trip. I took pictures and recorded almost all of the songs he performed while singing along with my friends. Halfway through the show, he teased us with a new song called “Basic,” which he was planning on releasing later in the year. After singing his last song off the setlist, and also thanking us for taking the time of day to support him, he finished the show with All Night Longer for an encore.

After writing this post, I definitely will say that traveling to see your favorite band or artists is a must. Drive the five to nine hours for a show, or even fly to another state with friends to see your favorite artists perform! It’s a memory you’ll have forever and a story to tell everyone.